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Troll alert to the extreme

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 12, 2017, 10:33 AM

To all my awesome watchers :heart:

I've come across a very stubborn troll who thinks he's all that by rubbing my name through the mud.
He's made two journals now with fake comments/notes about me that are clearly and obviously Photoshopped or edited in some way.

The first one is talked about in this status:

And the second journal is this one:
Helping with her exhibitionistic fetishes:iconsaturnstar14: begged me to post this publicly so she can get off to it
Happy to help a girl in need with her exhibitionistic incestuous fetishes

She shared this with me without asking her mom for approval
>Imminent bitchfight
This is the gif

Now unfortunately, I can't give any legit proof that I HAVEN'T send that sort of note to him because the notes can be deleted and such. But on the other side, he's only giving proof of like one small sliver of the note and not giving a screenshot of his whole Note page.
So hopefully you can believe me on my word that I would never send anything like this to such an idiot.

Now, after I'm posting this journal I'm going to send in a ticket to get this account banned and I'd love to have you guys help me with this.

Go to and click on Deviantart Customer service Center.
Then fill in this information:

Subject: BronyBurialservice Harassment

Comment: This person is harassing me by the use of hate-filled and slandering journals.

(You can put "the user Saturnstar14" instead of me)

Reported user: BronyBurialService

Links: bronyburialservice.deviantart.…

Thanks for everyone who does this and hopefully he gets banned soon. I will also block him after I posted this journal.

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Artistic Shout-out!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 10, 2017, 9:42 AM

Hey everyone!

So I came across this wonderful artist, her pictures are A-MA-ZING!
Go and watch her like right NOW!

Fluttershy Flutters + Speedpaint by SerenityScratch

Twilight's Letters + Speedpaint by SerenityScratch

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Shoutout and Fanart!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 27, 2017, 6:04 AM

It's been a while since I did one of these again and you awesome peeps have given my OCs some love again <3

First of all, I want to give a shoutout to :iconveronicafrancesco:
who made this awesome piece for me yesterday while I was streaming.
Gift | SaturnStar14 by VeronicaFrancesco
It's pretty awesome and it looks phenomenally beautiful. 
And guess what? She's giving these as commissions! So go over there and commission her! They're not even that expensive!

Alright unto the others but not less amazing ones ^^


Mareficent by Capt-SierraSparx

Made by :iconcapt-sierrasparx:
Maleficent is one of my fave Disney Villains and characters in general ^^


{R} - Ring Me Up by ApplepieswCinnamon
Made by :iconapplepieswcinnamon: and requested by :iconactinium28:
Thank you both!


Comm - In planets and space by NaatTheArt

Commission made by :iconnaattheart: and I'm using this as a pagedoll myself ^^
She also makes commissions out of these <3


Finished YCH - Saturn Star by Starrceline

YCH art trade by :iconstarceline: She looks so elegant ^^


SaturnStar - Ring of Stars by Speeder157

Very cute picture done by :iconspeeder157:


Sailor Cosmos (Saturn Star) (Non-Canon) by Uber-Dan

Made by :iconuber-dan:
Considering my fave Sailor is Sailor Saturn (duuuuuh) I really like this ^^


Saturn by Prince-Lionel

Commission by :iconprince-lionel:
For a character I bought for them ;)


Comm:Saturn Star by Lopoddity

Commission done by the awesome :iconlopoddity:
Using it as my journal header and on my profile page ^^


Crystal SaturnStar by Uponia

Made by :iconuponia:
Crystal ponies are a pain to do xD I know that for sure!


Saturn star by Comet7852

Cute picture made by :iconcomet7852:


ES' OC Shorts 116: ''PON-Y-BAY'' by EStories

Saturn makes a cameo and she's a greedy git xD Ain't that true
Made by :iconestories:

Saturn and Nyx by Cloudy95
:iconcloudy95: already made a picture with these two together but they keep being ultra-cute ^^


And now for the other fan-art pictures where Saturn makes an appearance or fanart of my other OCs ^^
I love each and every one of these!

Spoken mind by Queen-of-the-Dots .:Art Payment:. SaturnStar14 by MousehMakes Christmas 2016 Gift For Friends by MousehMakes Skype group picture (Saturn's edit) by ElectricNight22

Art of Limey Wimey [2016] by LimeDreaming Changeling for SaturnStar14 - trade by MythPony Never alone ~ Collab by Phoenix-Mask Just some sketches by Cloudy95 A Bunch Of Nerds by Actinium28

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 26, 2017, 2:40 PM


I can't really express my gratitude but know that I'm immensely grateful and I think Mouseh is too!
This weekend we've gathered over 500! dollars! And my goal was only 200!


:iconphoenix-mask: with the biggest donation, I'm his art slave now.
:iconjark-585: for the second biggest donation. Go to his account and thank him! He's an awesome dude!

:iconestories: for the shoutout in his journal, you're awesome man :hug:

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! I :heart: this fandom so hard!

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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 6:02 PM

First of all, read this please:

EMERGENCY Commissions OPENUPDATE 4: We're kinda back in kinda an emergency state...Andrew (my fiance) broke his left ring finger yesterday. He slammed his finger in my car door at about 8:30 pm last night, and we were in the ER very late. Andrew doesn't have insurance (Can't afford it), and after the 3 views of x rays on his finger, removal of what was left of his fingernail, stitches, and all of the pain meds they had him on, we're anticipating at least a few hundred dollars of medical bills coming in the mail soon...I want to take some commissions to cover at least part of the bills. We don't have much in the way of savings, and the money we raised over the last 2 weeks or so is going to necessities this month.
I really don't want to take donations after all of the donations we got so recently, so if you'd like to contribute, please do so by making a commission. I have patch, drawing and plush commissions open.
Here is my commission info:


I will be

Okay, hopefully you read that :) 

Down to business. Because my friend :iconmousehmakes: is in financial troubles, I want to help her even for a bit and because drawing is my main talent I decided to do a "Pay What You Want" stream and all the donations will go to her. She needs it bad :/

So, the stream is going to be this weekend February 25th and 26th around 3 or 4pm CET.
Rules are as follow:

:bulletblue: You can have a commission with a starting price of $1, this gives you a sketch headshot.
When you go higher the quality of the picture will also go higher.

For example: $1 gives you a sketch headshot, $5 gives you a sketch full body, $10 will be colored and shaded and so forth and so forth.

:bulletblue: The money has to be donated before I begin on it.

:bulletblue: Only one character per donation please. Only if you give me an insane amount I can decide about more than one character but it's one in general.

Okay, questions are welcome and I hopefully see you all there and hope you give a bit to a friend in need :hug:

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You decide Story

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 25, 2017, 9:56 AM

So according to my latest poll, most of you seem to like this idea for a 1 dollar and up reward on Patreon.

So what's my idea:

You guys remember that story I made for :iconestories: Fallout Equestria contest? If not, here is it again:  Sound of SilenceGreen and pain, so much pain... 
You know how your life flashes in front of your eyes in the last moments before Death grabs you? Let's skip that, you don't want to hear my boring life story. I'll skip ahead to the last few weeks, because those were interesting.
It was a normal day in Manehattan, well, normal as it can get when you're in the middle of a war. 
Luckily the horrors of the war hadn't seeped through to the cities yet and ponies were still going on over their usual business.
I was flying through the streets on my daily patrol, my main task watching for any ponies that looked a bit too stripey but today had been an easy day. A few handbag thieves and a bank robbery or two. All in all, an easy day for me.
Oh, yeah, true, haven't introduced myself. Hey, my name is Silent Nova. I'm an elite Shadowbolt Scout underneath Captain Soarin. Yes, THE Soarin, from the former Wonderbolts. Since that whole fiasco with the almost assassination of Princess Celestia, they decided to

Since I don't have a good and nice idea where I would like to go with this story I was thinking that you help me with this :3 I'd rewrite this first chapter so it would just be a guideline and a bit of an intro and the next step is that 1 dollar and up patrons can write suggestions and I'm going to put them into the story.
It will be a comic and I think I can best describe it that it'd be alike to :iconvavacung: comic and I'd integrate the Fallout game things into it (e.g. inventory/ weapons/...)
I think it'd be a fun idea to do :)

Also, with this I'm starting to make a schedule divided in weeks:

- Week 1: Past Sins: work on comic or separate panels for future chapters
- Week 2: Equilibrium: work on comic
- Week 3: Work on commissions and/or own stuff
- Week 4: Sound of Silence comic

I'd love to hear your opinion on this all :)

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Kewl awesomness new storiez!!11!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 22, 2017, 9:30 AM

Hey guyz so I have this awesome new story and i think you are really going to like this. here's a quick summary of it.

"It's about the past of Equestria where a group of highly powerful ponies protect Equestria from any Harm's and Evil using a very Special and Powerful Magic, so powerful and special in fact it potentially have a much more uses and abilities than the Elements of Harmony and Crystal Heart combined and thos who can use them which have disappeared for a thousand years (Which is my OCs) now they have return to help maintain the Harmony in Equestria without using the Elements of Harmony."

Now the good thing is it's somewhat canon related with some answers to the plot holes of the show and it involved super powers, mysteries and a whole lot more, also special guest might appear in this story.

The OCs would look like this

Bloop by SaturnStar14 They're called from Left to right: Gary Stu, Mary Sue (yes they're siblings but they don't know that yet so there's a coll love story there but incest) Greeny the griffon and Surprise which is totally an OC and not a ripoff from an earlier version of Pinkie Pie;

Oh and because the sibling lovestory won't go Gary will fall in love with Princess Luna becuz best princess and then they will have hot steamy sex every day of their lives because thir love will make him immortal.

This will surely make an impact on the great show that is MLP and it will be something NO ONE has ever done before.

Guiz! Guiz! Look, look I've found someone who made two pages of my awezomness story!

Attack of the Bugbear Comic - Page 1 by PaintbrushPonyArtist  Attack of the Bugbear Comic - Page 2 by PaintbrushPonyArtist Clearly this story is so awesome that I don't even need the Mane Six because my OC is the greatest and awesomest! Together with my Pinkie clone OC that is clearly in the wonderbolts now but i dun't care because i have an eye-burning OC made with poneh creator.

Okay, all jokes aside, this idiot didn't want his stupid story to be shared and he has been harassing other artists because he thinks that they would. Well, now it's up and in the open, dude. And it would've been for years if you would've just posted it to Fimfiction already instead of waste your time on harassing others. That way you could've gotten what you wanted ages ago but no. 
Artists aren't here to follow your every whim.

Take a gander at this if you want to know what all this fuzz is about.
  CrimsonColt7 Harassment Warning: SUPER IMPORTANT!!Star! Star!
Scroll past the updates if you want to view the original journal post for context.
Star! Star! 
New Account: B1ackWhit3 (Update 1/27/2017: Deactivated)That was fast

"Hello, Sorry and Excuse Me for this sudden intrusions but I would like to ask you to make a Collaboration with me please ? If possible, I would really like to form a Partnership with you.
P.S. Please Do NOT Thanks me for Watching you."
Looks like he's finally hiding. Also, I looked at the profile and I've been blocked despite having never interacted with this account. Sure looks like it's him.
New Account: Rbetw33nW (Update 1/25/2017: Deactivated)

The link in the sc

Credit to PaintbrushPonyArtist for making that comic and I'm sorry you had to deal with this idiot.

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Bronies are getting out of control

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2017, 6:54 AM

Idiot radical bronies continue to be idiotsI don't usually make journals about this sort of thing, but I felt compelled to do so today because we're living in an age where social media can spiral out of control and people's lives can be ruined by minor indiscretions. Therefore, it is important to remind ourselves how mob mentalities work and why they are dangerous, as everyone can be impacted by this, including people on DeviantArt.

So, I woke up this morning to a post on my profile page ( accusing the Supervising Director of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Jim Miller, of being a dick and linking through to the below video:
The video asserts that the director of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has told fans to 'go and fuck themselves' and encourages people to 'share this video with every brony you know, so that they can know what horrible the person the director of the show really is and how he treats certain fans who love it.'
In the

I've read Jim's whole rant on Twitter and he's oh so right! The show is and shall always be first for the "little girl" demographic and it was just a lucky shot that it was caught by so many adults, both boys and girls. Should that mean they should change the show to fit to their needs? HELL NO! Jim, I doubt you'd ever read this but: GO and SHOUT from the rooftops that they should fuck themselves.

People should just be happy with what they get and don't complain or whine all the time. We have too short of a life on this earth to do that. And I realize that I'm being a big hypocrite with this because I complain and whine all the time too and I rally up a witch hunt for the most minor of things I come across on this site. I have my reasons and some people might find those reasons ridiculous but hey "Fuck yourself" ;)

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Cool and beautiful music

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 2, 2016, 11:34 AM

Hey everyone!

A while ago :iconcedarwoods: asked a commission for a cover art for a song. It was this one:

PC One Night by SaturnStar14

This was a cover art for the song "One Night" and I simply adored it. Very beautiful and very peaceful feeling.

Now, they asked me for a bit of a boost in followers and I strongly suggest you do this because their music is very nice.…

Thanks for reading ^^

PS The raffle is still a-go :3  *WINNERS!* Christmas Chibi Raffle!And the winners are:
This is how it's going to be, at the end of the join time I will do a randomization and I am going to pick FIVE lucky winners that are going to get their OC drawn in a kind of Christmas-y theme.
25th December
:bulletblue: You have to be a watcher to join
:bulletblue: You have to share this journal in a status update or another journal
:bulletblue: In your comment underneath your journal you have to give me:
- A link to the status/journal
- A link to the OC you'd want me to draw in the end (PONY ONLY)
- Write "Sandy Claws is coming to Halloween town"
After your comment goes by all the rules, I'll give you a number.
Hopefully this is all clear, if there are any questions then you can just ask :3
Have fun and good luck!

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*WINNERS!* Christmas Chibi Raffle!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 24, 2016, 10:14 AM

And the winners are:


This is how it's going to be, at the end of the join time I will do a randomization and I am going to pick FIVE lucky winners that are going to get their OC drawn in a kind of Christmas-y theme.

25th December

:bulletblue: You have to be a watcher to join
:bulletblue: You have to share this journal in a status update or another journal
:bulletblue: In your comment underneath your journal you have to give me:
- A link to the status/journal
- A link to the OC you'd want me to draw in the end (PONY ONLY)
- Write "Sandy Claws is coming to Halloween town"

After your comment goes by all the rules, I'll give you a number.

Hopefully this is all clear, if there are any questions then you can just ask :3
Have fun and good luck!

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Help me report!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 10, 2016, 9:56 AM

There's this guy :iconjoehy3:joehy3 going around and impersonating one of my friends :iconjoeyh3:joeyh3. They have a similar username and same avatar but the troll is spouting out very hurtful things.

If you could help spread the word or report him (and give me a hint on how to report an account xD) that'd be AWESOME!

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Pretty Patreon Patrons!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 30, 2016, 6:29 AM

New Patreon Banner by SaturnStar14

I have no idea about the title xD
I wanted to make an alliteration but it's harder than you think when you're not fluent in the English language. Curse you, Guy Fawkes, for making it look so easy!
But anyway...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! 
I've recently reached a whopping 100 dollars on my Patreon!
I am very very very very very (x100) grateful to each and everyone that has been supporting me through it and are keeping supporting me through every page :3

And without further ado, here's a shoutout to all of them! (Atleast, those that I know the DA of...)


If you want to be a part of this ever-growing list then you can always go over to my Patreon
and donate as less than one dollar.


New Patreon Banner by SaturnStar14

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Why I liked Season 6!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 24, 2016, 8:12 PM

Edit! Woops, forgot one xD

Hey guys! 
How are you doing? Good? Good!

Now, just to make this clear from the very beginning: This is my opinion. I honestly don't care about your opinion if you go shouting in the comments that the season sucked monkey balls and all that shit.
BUT if you say rationally that you think this season wasn't as strong as the previous ones, that I can respect.
Just saying.

Alright unto the review and why I liked the episodes, though I'll also say it when I thought something wasn't all that good but unlike others, that didn't stop me from enjoying the episode.

Episode 1-2: The Crystalling: 

First what I didn't like was that it seemed that they just glossed over Starlight's punishment BUT I guess that having to live with your teacher isn't all that fun (I know I wouldn't like to live with my teacher xD). But I digress, because immediatly she has to go and make contact again with the friend that had abandoned her. I know that's not an easy task to do.
I liked the little StarlightXSpike thing that was going on xD Friendshipwise, not shipping ;).
It was different from other premieres as previous ones were always Equestria in peril because of some monster or villain but I laughed my ass off when I saw that this was because of the crying of a baby xD
Flurry Heart was cute and all but I'm just not that for the OP-ness she had xD The ending where she got nerfed by Sunburst made it better.

Episode 3: The Gift of the Maud Pie

This episode reminded me of that short in a Disney christmas video I once had with Mickey buying something for Minnie but selling his most precious thing and vice versa. It was just so heartwarming to see some sisterly love again between these two. And having Rarity there did bring some nice extras in too xD

Episode 4: On Your Marks

Now, up till now people were complaining that the CMC wouldn't appear anymore and that their purpose in the show was over now that they got their marks. But nothing is more false than that. I mean, they actually get to be fillies now without all that destiny seeking. I think that finding their cutiemarks took some time away from their fillyhood. And Applebloom got way into it.
I loved seeing them doing their own things for once and then in the end we saw them once again practising their talents because that's what this is about. You don't see Granny Pie baking pies all the time or Rarity finding gems all the time. They also do stuff outside of their mark/talent which is a total normal thing to do.
Loved the song too.

Episode 5: Gauntlet of Fire

Alright, not gonna get more words on this than necessary: This episode was awesome. We got to explore the Badlands with new dragons and lore and Ember and giant dragons and tiny dragons... Did I say dragons? Plus this was aSpike episode done right.

Episode 6: No Second Prances

Well, I've already been through this episode and actually all the Starlight episodes in my other journal but I just wanted to add that I really loved this episode. It was the first real friendship problem that showed that Starlight needed a good friend that had been through the same shit as she had and she found that friend in Trixie. And it showed that Trixie also needed the same, if only to escape from the Twilight jealousy.

Episode 7: Newbie Dash

Yea, not gonna lie, I didn't like this episode ALL that much but that's because it didn't really took good care of the bullying thing. BUT afterwards I saw the review of Firebrand and Silverquill and now I know that this episode was meant to be seen from an "army/marines/..." POV, as in the bullying was to put Rainbow in her place and it was that you don't have to exaggerate your skills when you've already gone so far without doing that. I mean, RD got into the Wonderbolts because she's good, not because she's boasting it all around (well, she is but you know what I mean xD)
And I for one found her imitations of the other five HILARIOUS!

Episode 8: Hearth's Warming Tail

Yeah, yeah, it's A Christmas Carol done again. SO cliché, SO overdone...
Though I don't remember Scrooge trying to erase the holiday altogether even if there was magic in the original story. This was the same story but it had added something extra with it.
The songs were awesome and the solo of Luna was super awesome ^^ I also liked the mesasge, although overdone still quite enjoyable.

Episode 9: Saddle Row Review

I liked this take on Flashback episodes to tell a story from several points of views xD it was hilarious and just a silly slice of life episode. And yay for new shops for Rarity :3

Episode 10: Applejack's Day Off

Again, this was just a small slice of life episode that was just meant to be enjoyed. I liked the message that when you are stuck in a routine you can't see that you are doing stuff wrong xD And the inside of the Spa was just so fancy ^^

Episode 11: Flutter Brutter

Poor poor Zephyr. So many haters and for no good reason at all. I think there are tons of people that watch the show and have a fear of failing stuff. I know I do. But just too bad that we only saw that in the end of the episode with the song. I think if it was shown much earlier that people wouldn't have hated him that much.
There're always people that don't dare to go on when they think they'll just fail again.
I wish I had a brother or sister or friend that could give me that push in the back to go on.

Episode 12: Spice up your life

I just loved the designs of the "indian" ponies xD I just loved them! And their decor was amazing too. The song was a bit meh but still enjoyed it ^^ I found it funny how Pinkie and Rarity were so far off each other at first xD

Episode 13: Stranger than Fan Fiction

THIS! This episode! Quibble Pants, you are my fave pony in this episode. Preach it! Alright, I'm being a hypocrite right now as I'm saying that my opinion matters at this moment but I can respect what others say as long as they don't go spouting bullshit and nonsense. And I've seen alot of bullshit. People who are saying that they don't like season 6 because of very stupid reasons imo.
But Quibble says something very true in this episode, just because you don't like something doesn't mean that you can't be friends. Plus he's being very mature and just keeps to his own likings and doesn't go spout out that he absolutely hates the other ones (at the end I mean).

Episode 14: The Cart Before the Ponies

Again a slice of life episode and the song was quite catchy ^^ I just wanted to slap the adults though but I get the message xD You have to respect your elders but speak up when you know you're right and they're wrong.

Episode 15: 28 Pranks Later

Still not a bad episode imo. The set up of the zombie prank was quite scary even xD I was surprised they let this slide in a children's cartoon. It was cool to see.

Episode 16: The Times They are a Changeling

Was a bit of a revisit to the Zecora episode with the "racism" and such. But I loved this episode and not just because there was a changeling and he could talk and we saw a bit of lore and we know they can turn into inanimate objects... I'm flapping on, aren't I? 
No, I also liked this episode because it was once again a Spike episode that was good. True, he fucked it up when he didn't speak up in the throne room but immediatly after he knew that he goofed up and went to apologize to Thorax.
The episode had a double moral. First one being that you don't judge a book by it's cover and second one that friends are more important than yourself at times (and I mean that in the good sense). The song also reflected that and by the way, yeah, this is a cartoon, things can be resolved by song. It's just cartoon logic.

Episode 17: Dungeons and Discords

I've already said this but this Discord episode wasn't all that great. Would've been better if the game was more involved but hey, what can you do but just enjoy what you get :) I liked that Discord got to get more friends outside of Fluttershy.

Episode 18: Buckball Season

I was surprised by this episode to be honest :o I wouldn't have thought that Applejack and Rainbow Dash would've put aside their pride to let Pinkie and Fluttershy play and totally wouldn't have seen that ending coming where they even admitted that they had gone too far by pushing them. I liked it ^^

Episode 19: The Fault in our Cutie Marks

When I first read about this one I had no idea what could be done about that predicament xD But then seeing the episode I was gladly amazed by the solution they had given it! Gabby was just so cute xD She was a bit of griffon version of Pinkie Pie.

Episode 20: Viva Las Pegasus

It was fun to see a new place and to see the Flim Flam brothers back :D And I liked that they send Applejack to solve it too xD The friendship problem was also a very smart setup too. The solution was maybe a bit overdone with trying to scam the scammer but in the end it was a very smart solution xD I laughed at it.

Episode 21: Every Little Thing She Does

Again referring to that other journal I did for the Starlight part ;) But I also loved this episode because of the exploration of the castle. Lots of references for dear comic making me :D

Episode 22: PPOV

Another go at a story that has been done in several other cartoons but again with a twist like in the Christmas Carol episode. Neither pony was right and it was a monster all along xD I didn't see it coming to be honest.
It was a funny silly episode xD

Episode 23: Where the Apple Lies

I think I'm not the only one who was waiting for a mention of their parents in this episode but was disappointed when nothing was seen xD Still a pretty good episode. It was the same trope of a little lie that build up into a very very big lie but again, in MLP style with a twist.
If AJ didn't tell the truth then Big Mac would've been one leg shorter which was maybe a bit harsh but hey, that's one way to force the truth out of ya xD 

Episode 24: Top Bolt

Hmm, this one was enjoyable. I liked that they solved the friendship problem both ways actually.

Episode 25-26: To Where and Back Again

Okay, seeing as I didn't go over this in that other journal I'm gonna rant about Starlight once again.
Seeing Starlight having doubts of going back to her village and in fear of being laughed at was totally understandable. I mean, she only went there once to apologize and they haven't seen her since. My mind can only conjure at what I would think when they would visit me for a reunion or something.
But then with Trixie, which is the best portrayal of friendship I've seen in a long while in the show, she dares and Trixie even sees when it got too hard on her and helped her get away (awesome friend once again).
The fear of leadership again is also understandable for Starlight, I mean last time she went a bit mad with power, she was probably afraid of going back in those bad habits again.

Then they return and we see that the Mane Six aren't acting like usual, even Pinkie is much too happy for her own good. My boyfriend also pointed out that the spell they were using to talk to Chrysalis reminded him of the Hive in Destiny and he's totally right xD Oh and Applejack eating that pear was hilarious.

Oh and I have a theory that the changelings got into Luna's dreamscape because while she was put into that pod she was being connected to the hive mind.

Then Discord of all ponies joins their little crew and I was just euphoric xD It was not the group I had imagined but it kinda was ;) Only Gabby and Sunburst were missing in it xD 
Then the Changeling Hive kingdom was just too awesome! It changes, like a changeling!

It was also very nice to see how they handled things without the use of magic and they kinda hit it off pretty well, didn't they xD 
But yeah, time to adress the elephant in the room (happy birthday by the way), the change of the changelings into those colorful bugponies. I liked the dark colors they had but hey, these colors will grow on me eventually plus they're not eye-bleeding like some OCs are ;) It's also logical that Thorax evolved into the king because he absorbed so much friendship and love in the Crystal Empire. And it made sense to me that all of the changelings there were immediatly grasping the change, I mean, they saw Thorax being hurt by Chrysalis so they feared her and then suddenly they see Thorax change into this beautiful thing by just giving and sharing love instead of stealing it. Who wouldn't jump at that opportunity?

So yeah, that's my review on the episodes. Like I said, you're free to share your opinion but do it civil and mature and don't just say "The season sucked. How can you like this garbage of a season? MLP is dead!" Because then your comment is just one click away of hiding to me.

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Get To Know You Meme

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 24, 2016, 12:21 PM

Was tagged by :icontwizzler787: and I don't know, looked innocent enough


Star sign: Aries
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When I started this account: Oct 5, 2007 but I think it was only active a few years later xD

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Why I chose my username: I love the planet Saturn, I love the stars and my birthday day is 14th of April.

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Stream *ONLINE*

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 30, 2016, 6:19 AM

NSFW Stream is online

Might be SFW later on

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Okay because "some" people say that Starlight has no personality whatsoever here's why she's my fave character (spoilers for today's episode btw):

Starlight has gone through a bunch and if there's anypony that needs friendship lessons more than Twilight, it's Starlight Glimmer.
She was left behind by her best friend because he gained something important and he never looked back again or even wrote her or something. We can only guess what she's been doing in the meanwhile since that moment and "Our Town" but my guess is that she studied a lot of magic and gained her cutiemark that way. 

Just like Moondancer, she was left feeling betrayed by her only friend but she had the wrong assumption that to make friends she had to force friendship and that could only be achieved if everyone was equal to each other in her eyes. So no special snowflakes or cutie marks.
Then when the Mane Six disrupted her plan she fled and she had once again a reason to hate friendships.

Okay, we know how that all went with the season finale of last season. My reasoning as to why she didn't get any punishment in the season finale is because it was meant to be THE season finale, the writers didn't know that they would be writing for Season 6. So yeah, that final song was meant to be final.

Skip to Season 6, we see Starlight getting accustomed to being the new pupil under the princess of Friendship and the first thing she has to do is talk to her very first friend again. The one that had left her in that small village to go and be a great wizard (well, we know how that ended up). I would be nervous as fuck too to see an old friend again in that kind of situation. She hasn't heard from him in ages plus it's terrifying if you think that they had great succes in their life and you just became evil due to lack of friendship.
Luckily all her fears were for naught as it ends up that he failed in his life too.

Then, the episode with Trixie. Twilight just forces her to have a friend by the end of the day to have a dinner party with Celestia. And seeing in this episode that she's terrified to make friends and still has that habit of forcing friendships. Good thing she finds a soulmate in Trixie who has also gone through bad stuff and deserves a second chance just like Starlight.
But then it turns out that Trixie used her to get back at Twilight and oh man, I wanted to hug Starlight so bad at that moment. I know how she feels when you just find out that they've just been friends to use your kindness for their own benefits... Poor Glimglam...
I'm happy that Trixie saw her faults and apologized to Starlight in the end (though I would've slapped her for good measure but I think the extra seconds in the manticore's mouth were just as good).

I think the Hearth's warming episode didn't really have a "Friendship" lesson but more of a message that Christmas isn't only about presents but being with your friends.

And then today's episode (spoilers btw if you haven't seen it yet), GOD almighty! Did I want to hug Starlight in the end part when she explained why she used that spell on everyone. She was afraid she couldn't do the stuff that everyone was so good at and didn't want to dissapoint anyone. How I feel you!

If I was a pony, I'd be Starlight. I might not have gone through everything she has gone through but I've been through all those feelings of rejection and distrust and had to build up friendships again. I don't want to dissapoint anyone so sometimes I don't even try. 

I love Starlight, she's the most interesting character that has popped up since the beginning of the series and all that negativity around her just ticks me off so much! "She has no personality" She has more personality than any of you whiners out there! "She's too OP" Oh really? And the purple unicorn that could do 25 spells in the first season and could do time travel also in the second season wasn't? 

I'm not going to allow comments on this one to be honest, I'm just sick and tired of everyone giving off on her when she has more personality than the mane six combined.


Journal Entry: Mon Sep 19, 2016, 4:35 PM

Alright, so October is almost coming around and I want to do something for it xD You probably know of Inktober, which is like 31 days of making pictures and only inking them? Atleast that's how I interpret it. 
So I'm gonna do a small theme challenge for every day of October:

  1. Spider
  2. Zombie
  3. Rat
  4. Raven
  5. Goblin
  6. Haunted House
  7. Bat
  8. Amulet
  9. Werewolf
  10. Frankenstein
  11. Vampire
  12. Dragon
  13. Grave
  14. Eyeball
  15. Alien
  16. Scarecrow
  17. 8-bit Zombie
  18. Gore
  19. Skull
  20. Devil 
  21. Demon
  22. Witch
  23. Mummy
  24. Ghost
  25. Pumpkin
  26. Candy
  27. Mask
  28. Moon
  29. Creature from the Black Lagoon
  30. Black Cat
  31. Skeleton

I'm going to try to do non-MLP things for this too so not everything is going to be ponies ^^

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Fan-art Journal

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 13, 2016, 9:39 AM

Haven't done these in a while ^^ I think the last one was with my birthday so I'm long overdue :D

Art of :iconneronemesis1:

Saturn Star meets Purple Witch by NeroNemesis1
That's one scary OC!

Stadi and Saturn Party by NeroNemesis1

Party all night loooong!

Pointy Saturn Star by NeroNemesis1

She's so pointy :3

Art of :iconribenarose:

A wee gift for SaturnStar14 by RibenaRose

You have a very unique way of drawing ponies :D I like it

Art of :iconzacatron94:

Rainbow Powered Saturn Star [Commission] by Zacatron94

As always, your Powerpoint skills amaze me!

Art of :iconlimedreaming:

Saturn Star by LimeDreaming

Small pone, big planet!

Saturn Star Sleepheart by LimeDreaming

This one is so cute :3

ChibiPonys [02] by LimeDreaming


Art of :iconcleoziep:

Chibi YCH Batch 1 by cleoziep

Part of a YCH but well spent ^^

Art of :iconcloudy95:

Saturn in studio by Cloudy95

How he managed to get that picture is a mystery to me <.< >.>

Summer is here by Cloudy95

It's awesome to think of myself as Nyx her "aunt" but that's just me ;)

Art of :iconmousehmakes:

.:Art Trade:. SaturnStar14 by MousehMakes

Look at that smug lil bitch!

Art of :iconphoenix-mask:

Saturn Star Bunny ~ Coloration by Phoenix-Mask

Colored my own picture but it looks awesome :)

Art of :iconcandysweets90240:

Cute Little Saturn Star by CandySweets90240

This. Is. Freaking. Adorable!!

Art of :iconsoundwavepie:
Commissioned by :iconscourge707:

Commission: :Saturn Star: by SoundwavePie
She looks very cute in this ^^ 

Art of :iconrai-knightshade:

Gift: Saturn Star by Rai-Knightshade

Thanks for drawing this :') 

Art of :iconestories: but made by Neighsayer

Original/Commission: Saturn Star by EStories

Wall-paper material right there!

Art of :iconcoldsnap777:

<da:thumb id="634210872"/>

I have no idea if this character would be for me but yeah xD

And now art of my other OCs :D

Stream Requests 2 by cleoziep :CM: Sarah by Drawing-Heart C: SaturnStar14 by SeekerOfDestiny  Sakura Verde by NeroNemesis1  Filia Moon by NeroNemesis1  Silent Nova by NeroNemesis1  Bane of comics drawer - Happy B-Day SARAH! by Julunis14


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Stupidness and idiocy...

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 9, 2016, 9:12 AM

So yeah, for those that have read my latest status update.

I've dealt with some big idiots and most of the time I can ignore them and just move on. But THIS GUY! UGH! He just grinds my gears like none will! The amount of stupid, obliviousness and all around ignorance this guy has just... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Not gonna point any fingers or shout out any name but if you're smart enough and go snoop around my activity or profile then you will find him... Do be careful that you don't lose any brain cells from reading the conversation.

The thing is, I've been following this guy around and I've seen that he's just stalking and forcing a person to do his bidding and RP with him and my sweet innocent heart cannot just take that. So what does my smart brain say: "Hey, let's go and stalk him back and annoy the shit out of him."
Thanks brain, now I bid you goodbye as you drip out of my ears as you melted from the idiocy this twat is spouting *waves*

So yeah... these kind of idiots really make me question this fandom or this world in general. How can you still be alive if you think these kind of things? How can you still be a fan if you hate the show so much...

It even makes me think so far that I'm just like, gawd, do I really want to be a part of this fandom anymore? I mean, I love drawing ponies and they're one of the few things that still make me happy in this life. But then I read all those negative things people say about the show and bash on it like it's not even shit and I'm just like... "wow... why do I even bother anymore..."

I love the show, I love how episodes are written, I love how messages and morals are brought out. I admit, there are sometimes hiccups in the story and such and some episodes aren't as amazing as others but I still enjoy each and every one of them. Because this show brings me happiness, it lets me escape from reality. It brought me friends that I don't have in real life... It makes me happy...

Why can't people just see that it's a show for little children and that's all there is to it... If you want a certain thing to happen in the episode, just make your own story AU... draw it... animate it... sing about it for all I care.
But don't start bashing on the show because the writers just do as they are told and paid for.

I think I'm just mentally unstable to handle these kind of things... 

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